A bit of History

Normandy has always been a country of sailors, navigators, often buccaneers, like the famous Pierre Belain d’Esnambuc who, heading west in the 1620s, started the French venture in the Antilles.

One of those small islands, the Martinique, became in 1763 the birthplace of little Marie Joseph Rose Tasher de la Pagerie, future Josephine, wife of Napoléon I and Empress of the French.

But she was also the grandmother of Napoléon III and of his half-brother Charles, Duke of Morny, who played a decisive role in the development of the new glamorous seaside resort of Deauville.



Three of our rooms pay tribute to this history:

  • The Nouveau Monde room illustrates the time of the buccaneers

  • The canopy bed in the Impératrice room brings you a taste of the Martinique’s savor

  • The Boudoir recalls the sophistication of La Belle époque.



So… unleash your imagination!